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Andrea Phillips encourages Christians
to love God completely,
to use His Word effectively, and
to serve Him wholeheartedly
in every season of life.   

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Bio: Andrea Phillips
Titles & Topics
Doctrinal Statement
As a speaker and Bible teacher, Andrea combines her expository teaching style with personal stories and helpful illustrations to make even challenging concepts understandable and applicable.  

Most Popular Messages:

Real Faith For Real Life
A three- or four-message series defining faith as seen in the lives of Bible heroes and offering ways to apply that same kind of faith in our lives today.

The Meaning of Life
A message that presents very simple and practical explanations for what it means to glorify God and challenges listeners to think about day-to-day life in a higher, more significant way. (Offered as a single message or a three-message series.)

Good Girls Need God, Too
Andrea's testimony: a story of God directing and providing in amazing ways, even in what seems like an ordinary, untroubled life, proving that you needn't have had a bad life to truly know God's goodness. (One message.)

"God, I Trust You, But It Hurts"
Andrea's firsthand account of suffering through a difficult trial marked by intense persecution, isolation, brokenness, an attitude of trust in the Lord, learned forgiveness, and ultimately immense gratitude for a changed life. (One message.)

First Things First
Andrea Phillips
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